Sunday, March 10, 2013

Drama Queen #2


This happened a week ago.
I came back from work and suddenly my mum said I owe money from my brother.
I was a bit offended when my mum said that when all along I was giving him a little amount of money every month or so. Not only him, but to the rest of my siblings. It seems that they don't appreciate what I've done. What they see is that I'm having fun and spending recklessly.
Suddenly every little details spilled out. The drama begins. It was a big drama.
Even though I'm the eldest in my family doesn't mean that I have to provide the family. Even though I'm single with a sufficient salary doesn't mean that I'm responsible to lay foods on the table. I didn't want to spill the details of what I've spent out loud. But I did it anyway. I was devastated. It seems that I need to move out to avoid such circumstances which will happen again *I guess*.

Wassalam & Cheers.

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