Friday, March 22, 2013

Excitement makes a Difference


Feelings are the  most extraordinary things. It makes a big difference for each and every situation a human being experience. 

It's not the distance that concludes whether a place is near or far. We can control the distance of a journey. From my experience, excitement makes the distance of a place shorter. The more excited you are, the shorter the journey will be.

Right now I'm super excited to go back to my hometown in Besut, Terengganu. The journey from Kuala Lumpur usually takes about 7-10 hours depending on your speed. However, we're not going straight to the destination. We're stopping at Cherating for a night and to Besut the next day. It'll be a great road trip with siblings and a cousin.

Safe journey and happy holidays!!!

Wassalam & Cheers.

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