Monday, August 5, 2013

What Type of Person are You??


Ramadhan is about to end. Just 2 more days till Syawal. Some people would feel sad and some would feel happy. It depends on your iman.

The most peaceful place on earth =D

It seems that there are a few types of Muslims during this Ramadhan. From my point of view I'd categorise them as;

  • Pious Muslims who would humbly go to Mosques to pray and do terawih or even stay home to celebrate this holy month with their family.
  • Muslims who'd go to different restaurants and hotels to break their fast.
  • Muslims who change to become a better person.
  • Those who don't really care and behave as if it's just a random month.
Everyone has their own way of celebrating Ramadhan. If we didn't do enough deeds during this Ramadhan, let's hope to meet next year's Ramadhan. Insya Allah. 

Masjid Wilayah

Wassalam & Cheers.

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