Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tioman Island

Date: 16-18 March 2012
Day: Friday-Sunday
Departure: 15th March 10.30pm
Arrival: 3.30am Jeti Mersing
Venue: Tioman Island
Friends: 25 people went to the trip which is organised by ORA~

It was a great trip as I made a few great friends after this trip *I joined this trip alone, knowing a few people from ORA, whilst I don't know the rest*.

I'll write the details later. Enjoy the photos!!!

It was 4am in the morning~

We arrived around 7am. Bihun Goreng was our breakfast.

As I got ready early, I joined the organizers to Kg Tekek to buy groceries.

Dyla, k.Sazila, k.Syieda and I

Clear seawater

Yazid and Shah the great chef!!

We're ready to snorkle *a photo when I'm still fair*


New friends~


Great corals

Pulau Panjang~
Breathtaking view~


I so love this beach~

Floating on a Sunday morning~

On our way to Air Batang Jetty

Waiting for the Ferry~
3 hours of waiting~

Anxiously waiting~

Happy faces in front of the camera~

It was a great trip even though I wasn't so satisfied with the amount of fishes in the sea.. I was expecting more than this~


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