Monday, March 26, 2012

Accident Happens for a Reason

Enjoy these photos =(
The side view

3 parts of the car is effected

There goes my money~

The Nissan is sure a hardcore car~

This is how the story goes;

My sisters were so happy getting ready to drive to a shop nearby. Aisyah even suggested that I come along so that they can go with my Vios. But I ignored them as I was so lazy going out tonight.

Outside I heard my dad's nissan Engine roaring as usual. Suddenly, after hearing the car's engine moving, I heard a loud metal being crushed. At that moment I knew something bad happened. There were only 2 cars in front of my house. As my sister is driving the Nissan, so the metal crushed must be my car.

I rushed downstairs *practically screaming* opened the doors and WALLA!!! The accident did happen. I thought it was a bit funny. I can't help smiling. For some reason I felt it's funny. How does she drive? Why can't she reverse the car straight backwards? Why does she have to make a reverse U turn? Why of all car, it has to be mine? Can't she sense that there's a car behind?

Fatimah, my sister had just had her driving license last week. I did expect an accident whatsoever, but I didn't expect her to smash into my car.  This is what happens when a happy teenager drives at night. She didn't practice driving at night, so everyone has to expect things like this to happen *she didn't have her glasses some more*. I guess this will be a big trauma for her. However, I hope she won't stop driving. 

Things happen for a good reason~
I guess I'm getting a new bumper and door and what not?


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