Saturday, March 3, 2012

How To Save; go to Groupon, MyDeal etc

How to save money and at the same time you'll be able to spend??

It's so easy. The answer is to buy things through Groupon, MyDeal etc...

These sites gives you a wide range of things from all types of catagories to buy at a cheaper price. The prices are so ridiculously cheap. It's cheaper than a discounted price offered by the company itself. There's a story behind the ridiculously cheap price I've mentioned.

This is what happened; Last year, a friend of mine gave me a free voucher for facial/body massage  treatment. Happily, I went there to redeem my free voucher. The service was marvelous. So, after the facial treatment, the personal gave me a brief introduction to their services available and  the prices that goes with it. Last but not least, *jeng~jeng~jeng~ drum rolls* she offered me a package of 5 times treatment for rm600. *big eyes with enthusiastic* I accepted it. I was so happy getting it for a cheaper price. I even bluffed it to a friend of mine.
Here comes the sad story... My friend suddenly found in Groupon the same treatment at the same spa with an even lower and cheaper price. The price I got was more or less 30%, however in Groupon, you can get it at 90% discount *hands on forehead*. I was a bit devastated hearing such thing. This is a lesson learnt.

So, before buying anything, anywhere, at any time, PLEASE survey it at the sites mentioned. It is way cheaper and value for money...


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