Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things that we Probably Shouldn't DO on Facebook~

Facebook is the largest and fastest networking in this world wide web~

Almost everyone has a Facebook account. Some even had a few Fb accounts *for personal reason*. We can do a lot of things through Fb particularly networking. However, there are a few things that we probably  shouldn't do on Fb. Among them are;

  1. Post your phone number or address. *We don't want stalkers near you*
  2. Post offensive or insensitive things. *Please mind your manners and be nice*
  3. Update your whereabouts every ten seconds. *The easiest way a stalker can trace or even harm you*
  4. Admitting all your bad attitude or personality. *No one wants to be friends with a loser*
  5. Admit all the bad things you've done. *Don't let the cat out of the bag*
  6. Upload unnecessary photos of you or your loved ones. *No one wants to see unnecessary photos, it'll be a joke of the decade*
  7. Complain about your boss, colleagues, family, friends etc. *Stop complaining!!!*
  8. Add your enemy as friend. *This is the most annoying thing a person can do. You'll be back stab any second*
Please think before you Enter or Click Post~

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