Monday, March 26, 2012

Accident Happens for a Reason

Enjoy these photos =(
The side view

3 parts of the car is effected

There goes my money~

The Nissan is sure a hardcore car~

This is how the story goes;

My sisters were so happy getting ready to drive to a shop nearby. Aisyah even suggested that I come along so that they can go with my Vios. But I ignored them as I was so lazy going out tonight.

Outside I heard my dad's nissan Engine roaring as usual. Suddenly, after hearing the car's engine moving, I heard a loud metal being crushed. At that moment I knew something bad happened. There were only 2 cars in front of my house. As my sister is driving the Nissan, so the metal crushed must be my car.

I rushed downstairs *practically screaming* opened the doors and WALLA!!! The accident did happen. I thought it was a bit funny. I can't help smiling. For some reason I felt it's funny. How does she drive? Why can't she reverse the car straight backwards? Why does she have to make a reverse U turn? Why of all car, it has to be mine? Can't she sense that there's a car behind?

Fatimah, my sister had just had her driving license last week. I did expect an accident whatsoever, but I didn't expect her to smash into my car.  This is what happens when a happy teenager drives at night. She didn't practice driving at night, so everyone has to expect things like this to happen *she didn't have her glasses some more*. I guess this will be a big trauma for her. However, I hope she won't stop driving. 

Things happen for a good reason~
I guess I'm getting a new bumper and door and what not?


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tioman Island

Date: 16-18 March 2012
Day: Friday-Sunday
Departure: 15th March 10.30pm
Arrival: 3.30am Jeti Mersing
Venue: Tioman Island
Friends: 25 people went to the trip which is organised by ORA~

It was a great trip as I made a few great friends after this trip *I joined this trip alone, knowing a few people from ORA, whilst I don't know the rest*.

I'll write the details later. Enjoy the photos!!!

It was 4am in the morning~

We arrived around 7am. Bihun Goreng was our breakfast.

As I got ready early, I joined the organizers to Kg Tekek to buy groceries.

Dyla, k.Sazila, k.Syieda and I

Clear seawater

Yazid and Shah the great chef!!

We're ready to snorkle *a photo when I'm still fair*


New friends~


Great corals

Pulau Panjang~
Breathtaking view~


I so love this beach~

Floating on a Sunday morning~

On our way to Air Batang Jetty

Waiting for the Ferry~
3 hours of waiting~

Anxiously waiting~

Happy faces in front of the camera~

It was a great trip even though I wasn't so satisfied with the amount of fishes in the sea.. I was expecting more than this~


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pharmacy Practice Scientific Conference 2012

Date: 24th & 25th March 2012
Day: Saturday & Sunday
Venue: Istana Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Participants: Pharmacist all over Malaysia

This year's theme is Pharmacy Specialization: Achieving Excellence.

Today is the first day of the conference. The event started at 8.30am until 6pm.  It is a great conference to attend as there are many great speakers throughout the day. I learnt a lot of things today especially regarding Pharmacist specialization. So far there are a few specialization which includes;
  1. Ambulatory
  2. Nuclear
  3. Nutrition support
  4. Oncology
  5. Pharmacotherapy
In future, there will be more pharmacy specialization which includes infection, cardiovascular etc.

I paid full attention in the morning as I felt enthusiastic hearing what the speakers had to say. In the afternoon, after lunch I fell a sleep in one lecture as the condition was so cool and dim.

Everything went well today. I'm looking forward for more great talks tomorrow~


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things that we Probably Shouldn't DO on Facebook~

Facebook is the largest and fastest networking in this world wide web~

Almost everyone has a Facebook account. Some even had a few Fb accounts *for personal reason*. We can do a lot of things through Fb particularly networking. However, there are a few things that we probably  shouldn't do on Fb. Among them are;

  1. Post your phone number or address. *We don't want stalkers near you*
  2. Post offensive or insensitive things. *Please mind your manners and be nice*
  3. Update your whereabouts every ten seconds. *The easiest way a stalker can trace or even harm you*
  4. Admitting all your bad attitude or personality. *No one wants to be friends with a loser*
  5. Admit all the bad things you've done. *Don't let the cat out of the bag*
  6. Upload unnecessary photos of you or your loved ones. *No one wants to see unnecessary photos, it'll be a joke of the decade*
  7. Complain about your boss, colleagues, family, friends etc. *Stop complaining!!!*
  8. Add your enemy as friend. *This is the most annoying thing a person can do. You'll be back stab any second*
Please think before you Enter or Click Post~

Saturday, March 3, 2012

How To Save; go to Groupon, MyDeal etc

How to save money and at the same time you'll be able to spend??

It's so easy. The answer is to buy things through Groupon, MyDeal etc...

These sites gives you a wide range of things from all types of catagories to buy at a cheaper price. The prices are so ridiculously cheap. It's cheaper than a discounted price offered by the company itself. There's a story behind the ridiculously cheap price I've mentioned.

This is what happened; Last year, a friend of mine gave me a free voucher for facial/body massage  treatment. Happily, I went there to redeem my free voucher. The service was marvelous. So, after the facial treatment, the personal gave me a brief introduction to their services available and  the prices that goes with it. Last but not least, *jeng~jeng~jeng~ drum rolls* she offered me a package of 5 times treatment for rm600. *big eyes with enthusiastic* I accepted it. I was so happy getting it for a cheaper price. I even bluffed it to a friend of mine.
Here comes the sad story... My friend suddenly found in Groupon the same treatment at the same spa with an even lower and cheaper price. The price I got was more or less 30%, however in Groupon, you can get it at 90% discount *hands on forehead*. I was a bit devastated hearing such thing. This is a lesson learnt.

So, before buying anything, anywhere, at any time, PLEASE survey it at the sites mentioned. It is way cheaper and value for money...


Friday, March 2, 2012

Pharmacist *The Best Job Ever*

I may not be BNF, MIMS nor Drug Information Handbook that can provide info in just a second...
As I'm not perfect~

But I can be a google search for you...
Searching for the right information~

A few years back =D