Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Challenge: At least a book a week

You are what you read...

A bookshelf full of religious book

It's amazing to live in a house full of books. There's a bookcase in every corner of my house.Three in the living room, three small bookcases in my room, a cupboard of books in my brother's room, one in my sisters' room, two in my dad's room and a few in the family area upstairs.

The second bookshelf
The Motivational & Business bookshelf
I'm blessed to have parents who love to read in their spare time. Especially my dad. He would buy all sorts of books which comprises different genres from religious, educational, and motivational book. He has everything.

Having a lot of book at home made me think, have I read any of these books? *of course not all*
So, this made me think of at least a book a week. It's a challenge for myself to read all the books in my house. I'm not gonna set any time frame as I know it'll be ridiculous. Let's read with a happy mind =D
My sister's story book

Everything & what not
Previously, my habit was to pick a few books, *wanting to read all of them* lay them on my bed and sleep beside the books *hoping I'll absorb the sentences while sleeping* duhh
Now, it's time to change, at least read a few pages and then sleep. *I hope the book won't read me*

My dad bought me 'Let's talk about Single Female' from Bandung. He was so excited giving me this book. However I don't understand what's written in the book as it's written in Indonesian.
Let's skip that book and start with 365 ways to Boost Your Brain Power...

We read to know that we are not alone..


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