Friday, September 21, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note

Date:16th December 2011 is another date to be remembered.
Venue: IKEA
Time: 5.45pm- 7pm

That's the date I lost my smartphone. This was the most expensive phone I bought my whole life. I lost it after 35 days of excessive usage. Samsung Galaxy Note has already became one of my favorite gadget.

This was the first photo I took with the phone...

The next day~

The Story~

On Friday afternoon, I took time off so that I could go and buy things for Majlis Tahlil for my grandfather (Allahyarham Mohd Tohe). Excitedly, I took photos of the things I wanted to buy. Then at the storage area, just before the exit, I took my phone out to see the photo of the code that I took *that was the last time I held the phone. I remembered putting back the phone into my handbag. Then we went home...

After shower, going out of the bathroom while drying my hair, I got to my handbag and searched for my handphone. That's when I realized it wasn't there. I freaked a bit, then search vigorously back to back from the handbag, the plastic bags, the whole room and also in my car. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found. *so sad*

In a panic state, I dressed quickly, asked my sister to come along and drove very fast to IKEA. We went back to the places we stopped before but there were no sign of my phone. Even the guards couldn't help. I was so devastated.

These are a few of many photos I took from Samsung Notes~

I even compared my previous precious phones:

Moral of the story; don't get too excited with gadgets, in the end it won't last long with you...

I think it's time to buy Samsung SIII @ Samsung Notes 2...

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