Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 Days Without My Phone

It's been 2 days already living without my smartphone. I guess my smartphone isn't smart enough to fix itself.

A long story made short; A friend drops my smartphone, the screen sort of cracked and developed black lines, which made the internal phone go high wire which then made it nonfunctional. The definition of nonfunctional is when it turns on and off itself, the screen doesn't function at all and most of the apps are missing.
You can see the screen yourself~
*so pathetic*

However, it turned out great as I don't have to; 
  • update my facebook status, 
  • stalk friend's facebook,
  • take lots of photos, 
  • read and update twitter, 
  • admire other people's photo on instagram, 
  • read blogs etc..

*owh how I miss doing all those things*

It seems like I really need to buy a new phone (unless someone would like to give me one as a gift)

I guess the toughest phone on earth would be NOKIA 3310...

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