Monday, January 2, 2012

Shopping for 3 Consecutive Days

Life is amazing when you could spend your free time with shopping. For 3 consecutive days I went shopping with my family and friends. I had nothing else in mind besides shopping as it was Christmas sale and Year End Sale!!!

Date: 31st December 2011
Day: Saturday
Time: 1pm-3pm
Venue: SOGO
Items bought: 2 pairs of leather shoes

Mine is dark blue, my sister's brown
2 pairs @ RM199
Made of Leather

I loved the ribbons...

2 days later, when I went SOGO again to buy this shoe, the price wasn't as I bought before. The same pair of shoes cost RM149 each. I felt relieved that I already bought it 2 days before. But I was disappointed that I couldn't buy more for my mum and myself.

Date: 1st January 2012
Day: Sunday
Time: 8.30pm-11pm
Venue: IKEA
Items bought: Plastic containers, clock etc

Date: 2nd January 2012
Day: Monday
Time: 12.30pm-4.30pm
Venue: Jalan TAR & SOGO
Items Bought: 3 small scarf inners, 10 scarfs, lining cloth, 2 skirts, 2 blouses,  and nothing interesting in SOGO
Cheap things bought @ Muaz Textiles
Each scarfs @ RM4.80
Inner @ RM 2.80 each

Square scarfs @ RM15 & RM20 each
Long skirt with belt @ RM45

Even though I wasn't feeling well during these 3 days due to viral fever (my symptoms are sore throat, headache, cough, flu, tongue ulcer), I managed to shop like a millionaire.


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