Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All the GREAT Blog to READ!!!

There are thousands and millions of blogs in this world wide web....

Every blog has its own unique quality that tells different amazing stories and information. Each blogger have a very unique way of delivering the message to reader. They make the readers feel happy, sad, enthusiastic, amazed, sympathy, repent, inspires and all the mix feelings~

Yesterday, I read a great blog by the name KunfayakuN that was written by Nurfarahin Romli, known as Farah Lee. The first thing that came across my mind was, what a great person she is. Most of the thing she wrote makes me ponder of myself. Why can't I be as good and as religious as she is? It makes me want to put entries like her *however, my knowledge about Islam is so shallow*. It seems that I really need to improve myself to become a good Muslim so that it becomes part of me to do good things in future.

One of the many things I like her blog besides her entry is the Beautiful Words entry on the right side of her blog. Each and every word has a deep and powerful meaning to me.

Changing from bad to GOOD is a long-term adventure, but it is WONDERFUL~


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