Monday, December 12, 2011

Shopaholic Syndrome

I have a disease which is known as SHOPAHOLIC!!!
I inherited it from my mum....
I need a therapist or perhaps a rehab....
Pleaaaseee help me!!!!

What happened?
Today, 11th of December 2011 my relatives including my uncle, my aunts and cousins from Kulim asked us (my mum and I) to accompany them to Masjid Jamek as they wanted to shop for clothes, scarfs etc. Around 11 am we drove there in 2 separate cars as they'll b leaving to Kulim after shopping.

We were at Jalan TAR a.k.a Masjid Jamek for nearly 6 hours. *yes, six hours of shopping*
I bought 1 orange songket, 4 pieces of 4 meter cloth from Gulatis, 3 silk 4 meter cloth, a long polka dot skirt with a cute belt and pins for my scarf.

Brooches RM10/ 12 pieces

Gulati's cloth RM15/ 4meters
I bought 3 of them

Kain Songket RM25

Polka dot skirt RM 45
 Actually last month my mum and I already bought nearly 22 Baju kurung in Kuala Kangsar. Today we bought lots more of cloth for Baju kurung just because it was cheap.

I also managed to put on henna while shopping. I was attracted to the design of henna that the women did to her customer. Without second thought, I paid rm7 for henna on my left hand.

My henna RM7

Fatimah's henna RM5

After showing my relatives the way to PLUS highway, we headed for Midvalley as my sister wanted to go to MPH carnival. We arrived Midvalley around 6.30pm.We stayed there until 830pm, had dinner at Pizza Hut and went back home around 10pm.

The Globe; My travel reference
Nearly 2 hours of shopping at the MPH Carnival, my sister and I managed to buy 8 story books, a globe and a magazine. I hope I'll read all the books we bought. I already started reading one of the books entitled Doktor Cinta by Dyadila. I think I'm going to finish it in a few days. *happy*

We arrived home around 11pm.

Shopping is like morphine. Once you shop you'll be addicted to it.


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