Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I've never had a boyfriend *PERIOD*

I was asked the bonus question since I was young. What was the question again?

Do YOU have a BOYFRIEND???
And when I answer NO; they'll roll their eyes and say "You're LYING" or sometimes people would say "You're too choosy". In my heart I'll yell "say WHAT???". Sometimes I'd add up "Owh I'm not as beautiful as you for a guy to want me"; "The right guy hasn't met me yet"; "No one wants me" and what not.

I get the same response each time I answer them. 

Actually, in life, I choose not to have a boyfriend as it's a waste of time, energy, money, feelings and what not. You'll have happy memories together but it may won't last as you'll find somebody else to repeat the same thing again. If I were to be a slut, I would have been a playgirl or a heart-breaker. However, I'm a girl with dignity, I choose to live a life without a boyfriend.

However, sometimes I do envy people especially friends who have had boyfriends and living a happy life. Sometimes I wish to have one. *It's great that I don't have one as most end up with a heartbreak*


I can live without a boyfriend. I'd do less sin and zina. Actually in life, I've been doing a lot of other sins so I didn't want to add another sin of having a boyfriend.


My principal is that I want a husband, not a boyfriend.


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