Monday, December 5, 2011

Kayaking at Tasik Temenggor, Belum Forest

Date: 2-4 December 2011
Day: Friday to Sunday
Venue: Hutan Belum, Perak
Participants: mostly OHM members

On Friday, we (Ninie, k.Eja n Uncle) departed around 8.30pm from Saujana Utama. Our first destination was Grik. We arrived around 12.30pm and checked in at Greatwall Hotel. K.Ijan was already waiting for us in the hotel room. Five people including k.Ijan, Ninie, k.Eja and Eza slept on a queen bed until 5.30a.m. Around 7am we had a delicious nasi lemak for breakfast. Then we departed for Pulau Banding, Tasik Temenggor for Hutan Belum. We arrived around 9.30a.m. 


Around 11am we started kayaking through Tasik Temenggor for more or less 5 hours. It was fun kayaking with a great view ahead of me. The water is green, warm and inviting. I feel like jumping into the lake and start swimming to our destination instead of kayaking. We arrived at our destination around 4.30p.m. After putting up a simple tent, we went to Jeram for bath. It was cold and worth it. We cooked, ate dinner and slept early. I woke up around 6.30a.m for Subuh. We ate breaakfast and we then cooked for lunch. Lunch was nasi goreng+ikan kering+telur dadar. It was delicious.
Our campsite with a simple tent

Around 12.30pm we departed from our camp site to Royal Belum Jetty. We arrived around 4.30pm. Around 6 we departed to Grik for dinner. Around 8.30pm we departed back to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived at 1a.m.

This was one of many great outdoor trips I ever had. 



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