Friday, November 25, 2011

Vios ohh Vios

On Monday, 21st November 2011 was my Vios's 40k major service. I felt enthusiastic.  I took a day off to service my car.

I left home around 7.30am. My destination was Taman Midah Toyota service Centre. It took about 45 minutes to reach there via MRR@, Jalan Kucing and Jalan Loke Yew. I arrived 8.15am. Checked in and waited. The service took nearly 3 hours as it finished around 10.45am. 

My next destination was Win Hing Toyota near Balakong. The reason I'm going there is to complain regarding my bumper which they fixed last time. The black thingy (I don't know what they call it) that is supposed to be a light or something fell off just less than 2 weeks after the service. It wasn't my fault that the thing fell off. I think they're giving me a low quality stuff after all.

However, just at the Billion roundabout, just after the green traffic light, 2 cars in front of me stopped. I panicked and did an emergency break. I thought I hit the black Camry in front of me but luckily I didn't. I was relieved. But the feeling of relief didn't last long as a stupid Kancil driver hit me from behind with a loud BANG!!!. I was furious. This can't be happening. I just got away from hitting someone else's car but some stupid driver hit me from the back. I think his middle name is careless stupid as*hole!!!. I got out and scolded him for driving fast in a roundabout. And guess what he said??? "I wanted to hurry. It was a green traffic light". I guess he was trying to pass through an orange light.

The stupid Kancil bumped into my car!!
After negotiating whatsoever, He followed me to Balakong Toyota Centre. They estimated the accident bumper. It was around rm1k plus. The clips of the bumper is broken, the red light below it is broken and etc...

The red light below
Then I followed him to a workshop to estimate his price. It was around rm100plus. It was 10times cheaper than the price given by Toyota. I called my mum and she told me to make a police report 1st and send the car to Toyota Service Centre.

View from the left side
Around 1pm we made a police report at Balai Polis Bandaraya. That is the only place to report for anyone who had accidents in Kuala Lumpur. While waiting, I met Wardina and her son. She was also  making a police report regarding an accident. I finished errands at the police station around 3pm. I didn't even had my lunch. My stomach is grumbling as I only ate porridge for breakfast.

Last but not least, before returning home with my mum, I sent my car to Toyota Balakong for an accident fix up. 

It was a long tiring day~

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