Monday, November 28, 2011

Shop like Crazy

I earn like a begger,
Shop like a millionaire....

Yesterday I had a whole day course at Sunway Convention Centre. It is located at the new wing, near the ice skating rink section. The event started around 1030am and ended around 930pm.

My brother, his wife and I departed from home around 8am. We took the LPD (lebuhraya puchong damansara) and arrived around 825am. We were early. The registration starts at 830am. However, the event started around 1030am. We were a bit disappointed with the organisers time management. Everyone seems to be not punctual at all. Duuhhhhhh!!!!!!

I'm not going to write about my disappointment in this entry. Today I'm gonna express how bad some people can be when they spend, in particularly myself.... LOL.

Myself, Faruq and Mastura
In between the course, twice I went out to shop. Life is amazing, even when I'm in a foul mood, I was able to entertain myself doing what I like *shopping!!!*. Around lunch, after Zuhur, we had lunch at a Korean restaustall *restaurant+stall=I don't know what catagory the place was*. It was super delicious. I love the taste of everything. The kimchi, the bilis, the prickle cucumber, the delicious soup whatsoever. I'd say everything is delicious *especially when you're super hungry as my breakfast was only at 830am which I only ate a piece of biscuit and a bottle of dutch lady milk*.

Our meal..

Our Korean Meal of the day.. 

front camera

Everyone was super HUNGRY!!!

After lunch, I went to a Hypergear stall that sells all sorts of dry bag. You name it all, they have everything. I bought a red 30 liter dry bag which cost rm99. The original price was rm110,  but I got a 10% discount. The bag is big. I think it's suitable for my 2 days kayak trip at Hutan Belum this 2-4th December 2011. 


After entering the course again which started around 3pm, around 8pm I went for a 2nd round of shopping. This time I went straight to Al-Ikhsan Sports. I bought a climate Adidas long pants, a pair of socks, a pair of glove and a black one shoulder black dance bag *I'm not really sure myself why I bought the bag, it's not even cheap!!!*.

ADIDAS pants rm117



NIKE low cut socks rm17.90

Last Thursday, on the 24th November 2011 I went out with Ewa and already bought a long Adidas pants for my kayak trip. It was a fold over black pants that looks like I'm wearing a skirt outside. I got it for rm144 after 10%, before less it was rm160.

Climalite ADIDAS black long pants rm144

I got a free fitness book and a Shower gel.

Actually I don't know what's gotten into me that I bought everything for this Kayak trip. It's like I'm obsessed and overexcited. LOL

I'm all set up, READY to KAYAK!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited. Excited beyond words. Just four more days for Hutan Belum!!!!


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