Monday, March 31, 2014



Kyoto is a city you must visit if you're in Japan. It is one of the beautiful, breathtaking,  awesome place to take photos and admire the nature.

We arrived in the afternoon.  Kyoto station is a convenient place where you can find other public transport for your next destination. We took a taxi to our guest house.  The rate is quite expensive if you're travelling alone.

Our guest house is 10 to 15 minutes away from Kyoto station. It's a 1+1 bedroom guest house with one toilet. The first floor has a complete kitchen, washing machine, bathtub etc. The second floor has 1+1 bedroom: you have to pass through the first bedroom to get to the second bedroom.

The guest house is in the city. After checking in and prayed, we took a bicycle tour around Kyoto. You have to be fit to cycle through town. It was breezy and fun riding a bicycle like the locals.

We cycled to a shrine on top of the hill. The view is so beautiful.

Later that night we ate dinner at a local restaurant in town. It was super delicious and awesome.

Wassalam & Cheers

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