Saturday, February 8, 2014

FujiQ Highland, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan


On the second day in Japan we took a bus to Fuji-Q Highland in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi. It is a few hours bus ride from Tokyo. We arrived around 11am.

The park opens early at 9am until 5pm. On certain days they operate until  8pm.

Free pass with my face on it. After taking the ticket from the counter, you have to insert it into a machine which captures your face and produce this awesome entrance ticket. I was standing tall so that's why my forehead is cut off.

The rides are amazingly thrilling and awesome. They have one of the the longest roller Coaster and also the steepest roller coaster. The rides are:

  • Fujiyama; this is the longest roller coaster and also tallest. Even though the line is so super long, the ride is worth waiting.
  • Eijanaika; this is the steepest roller coaster which rotates 360° forward and backward that inverts 14 different times.  Totally awesome!!
  • Takashiba; this is the 121° free fall ride. Scary but fun. It makes your adrenaline high.
  • Dodonpa; this is the 4th fastest roller coaster in the world. 
  • Pizza-la; I loved this one the most. It's a lay back ride where you can enjoy the view. The day view you will be able to see Fuji Mountain. Where as the night view you will be able to see colourful lights around the area.


Waiting for Pizza-la
Before heading back we went to the Haunted Hospital. It was freaking scary.

For further information,  visit FujiQ website

Wassalam & Cheers.

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