Thursday, July 11, 2013

Allah swt is the Best of Planner


We plan our best, however Allah swt is the best of planner.

Life is amazing in every single way. My life is amazing from the beginning until today. Whatever happen I accept them the best possible way a regular human being would. I accept everything with an open heart *a secret to a happy life*.

Sometimes in life, what I want is not good for me:

  • I remembered wanting to finish primary school in UK when I was 10 years old. My dad finished his PhD and our family was going back to Malaysia. I remembered suggesting that I stayed with a friend's family for a year. It was great that didn't happen as staying with my family is best thing in this whole wide world.
Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

  • I remembered wanting to be a school prefect when I was in standard 6 in SK Kulim. I even asked the teacher in-charge if I could be one, but he rejected the idea. I was a bit devastated but this was the best thing that had happened in standard 6. I guess you don't have to be a prefect to get 5A's in UPSR.
  • I remembered wanting to be a doctor *my ambition since I was 10 year old* and my family was proud of my ambition. They supported me 100%. My dad filled all 10 options in my UPU form to further in medicine. *there are only 3 universities offering medicine, so he filled in all 10 options repeating the 3 programs*. Luckily I'm not a doctor but a pharmacist as I am phobia to blood and needles. Working happily with a pay nearly as much as the doctors.

There are other things that I plan/wanted but didn't happen. A long list of it. Alhamdulillah my life goes as it is. What we think is good for us, actually may not be the best. Only Allah swt knows what is best for us.

Everything happens for a good reason. We just need to have faith and believe in whatever is planned for us by Allah swt. To do that, we have to obey Allah swt and his messenger. *Pray at least five times a day, honour your parents, recite the Al-Quran at least once a day, do good deeds to other people and lead a good Islamic life.*

Wassalam & Cheers.

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