Thursday, February 7, 2013

Drama Queen #1


Today I drove my sisters to the nearest mall because they wanted to buy something for school. *What a good sister doing the sisterly duty* 
We entered Watson and my sister Sumaiyah bought chocolates. It was a birthday gift for her friends. Then it struck me. In my mind, I thought why didn't she buy me my birthday gift? Why did she have to buy her friends birthday gifts?
So I asked her: Sumaiyah, where's my birthday gift?
Then she replied: I'm giving these gifts as they'll be giving me gifts on my birthday.
I'm like: Wha Wha Wha Whattt??
Then the drama started; I said: How could you do this to me? To your own sister. You didn't give me any gifts but you're going to give gifts to your friends?
And the drama continues: Who took care of you when you were little? Who washed your nappy when you were small? Who cooked for you? Who took care of you when you're sick? Who paid you to do the house chores? It was me.... *giggles*
In the car, she turned on the radio. The drama continued: Who took you to the mall to buy things? Whoooo?? LOL. Then Sumaiyah sang me a birthday song saying it's exclusively for me as she doesn't sing it to anybody else. *hmmm* Then my other sister said that I could be a good actor. And I'm like: This is real babe. 
Sumaiyah came to my room to take a pair of scissors. The drama continued again: Who let you borrow stationary? Did your friend do such things??

The result: I still didn't get a gift from Sumaiyah. *so sad*
I love being a drama queen. Happy belated birthday to me!!!

Wassalam & Cheers.

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