Thursday, November 29, 2012

Super Shopaholic


A shopaholic will never confess they're shopaholic; They're just buying cheap good stuff after all.

Ewa and I

November 2012 has been the worst month ever in my saving money history.

Fine dining
In this few months, I've been trying to save money and almost succeeded when something happened and I spent like hell. I saved more than 3k and was about to save more . I was so happy. It's a miracle that I did save for my future *it was for my future*.

ThePoplook Obsession
How did I manage to save?

  • I spent less *of course*
  • I stayed home *most of the time*
  • I brought breakfast from home *buying less for more money in my purse*
  • I did less fun activity *I rarely watch movies, going out with friends, did things which doesn't cost a penny*
  • I ate less expensive food *a big NO to dining in expensive restaurants*
Something happened and I snapped, and suddenly, before I know what I was doing, I spent like hell. Define hell; "The worst situation anyone could ever imagine". 

Lewre beige

What exactly did I do???
  • I bought 2 pairs of Lewre wedges. *It was 50% off, so I just had to buy 2; the same design but different colors*
  • I bought 7 pieces of clothes from The Poplook online *1 blouse and 6 dresses. I'm addicted to their simple chick sophisticated design*
  • I bought 6 shawls in Jalan TAR *I got 3 shawls with the same design but different colors*
  • I bought clothes form Jalan TAR *peach matching clothes for myself and mum*
  • I bought stuff from IKEA *This month itself I went there more than 3 times*
  • I went out with friends *going out means I'll spend more than rm100. Do the math of going out more than 10 times this month*
  • I went shopping for my brothers and sister *I bought them foods and stuff as they're going back to their university*
  • I forgot the rest.....
Lewre Black

I never felt so happy this last few months *as I was trying to save for a cause*. Shopping made me the happiest person alive. 

This is where I got my shopaholic genetics *my lovely parents*

Shopping is the best therapy in life.

My happiness has arrived

I'm super satisfied *grin*

Foods at IKEA

IKEA ice creams *yummy*

Cheers & wassalam...

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