Monday, March 15, 2010


It was Friday, 13th March 2010. It was a good day to start with. Ms Mah Suit Wan is not in today. I'm all by myself at the counseling room. I like it alone, doing what I need to do, finishing my pamphlet and completing a days work at the counseling unit. That night my friends a I went to Pantai Remis for dinner. It was a great time together dining and taking pictures. We finished around 12 midnight. It was a long night. That night I went to Pakteh's house in Putrajaya. I arrived around 1.40am. It was very late but I was lucky Pakteh didn't complain. I only slept 4 and a half hours. I had to wake up early as my flight is 8.30am. I was was supposed to be there an hour before departure time. I had milo for breakfast and arrived at the LCCT around 7.40am. It was way late.

The counter is already closed as the flight was suppose to depart at 8.30pm. I was a bit panic actually. I went to a counter, asked where I can check in for Alor Star but the guy said that it's already closed and the flight had departed at 7.15am. I was confused as my dad told me my flight was schedule to depart at 8.30. I told him and he asked for a letter, he read it and told me that my destination is not Alor Star but Penang. At the moment I was shocked, confused and had a mixed of feelings. He asked me to go to another counter. Luckily the girl at the other counter checked in for me. I waited around 5 minutes and was called to board.

It was an extraordinary experience that I'll remember and laugh about in future...

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