Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Good deeds


Always do good deeds to your family and friends and even strangers. Do good deeds especially to your mother and father as you'll never know when you'll die or get sick. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to do good deeds. You just do what you think is best for your family and friends even when you're not in a good situation do so.

Sometimes you don't have to think too much to do good deeds because you know eventually Allah swt will be with you in whatever situation you are.

Wassalam & Cheers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Universal Studio Osaka


A few tips going to Universal Studio Japan:

  • Come early in the morning to be able to enjoy all rides.
  • Avoid weekends/school holidays/public holidays
  • Go there on weekdays (there are a lot of people even going there on Monday)
  • Buy Express tickets to avoid queuing 1@2 hours for a ride. Last time we went there on Saturday, even with express tickets, we still need to queue certain rides for 1 hour. Just imagine queuing without express tickets *sigh*
  • You can buy the express tickets at the gift shop on your left of the entrance *it is limited*
  • If you don't understand Japanese language, don't go to the shows as you won't understand a single word they say.
  • There are certain time frame for the express tickets, such as Biohazard the Real.
  • You can bring your own food into USJ. No food restrictions.

Biohazard the Real was awesome!!! Unfortunately I didn't win.

Have fun and enjoy the rides!!!

Wassalam & Cheers.