Thursday, December 26, 2013

The latest toll rate in Malaysia


I'm so unhappy with the new toll rate. I use these roads to reach my destination faster and to avoid heavy traffic.  I guess I need to find new alternative to avoid these tolls in future.

Lets live life modestly....

Wassalam and Cheers.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Updates please...


A lot in life happened. I didn't have time to update my blog. It's not the time that I don't have. Actually I don't really know how to start blogging..

A lot of things that I wanted to update in this blog.

  1. my trip in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, Japan
  2. my trip in Bandung and Jakarta, Indonesia
  3. my trip in Phuket, Thailand
  4. my sign language workshop in Melaka
  5. my membership in Fitness First
  6. me being a family member of Shaklee Independent Distributor

Insya Allah I'll update each one in a few days. Here are some sneak peak of each event...

FujiQ, Japan

Time is precious, use it wisely.

Wassalam & Cheers.