Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Challenge: At least a book a week

You are what you read...

A bookshelf full of religious book

It's amazing to live in a house full of books. There's a bookcase in every corner of my house.Three in the living room, three small bookcases in my room, a cupboard of books in my brother's room, one in my sisters' room, two in my dad's room and a few in the family area upstairs.

The second bookshelf
The Motivational & Business bookshelf
I'm blessed to have parents who love to read in their spare time. Especially my dad. He would buy all sorts of books which comprises different genres from religious, educational, and motivational book. He has everything.

Having a lot of book at home made me think, have I read any of these books? *of course not all*
So, this made me think of at least a book a week. It's a challenge for myself to read all the books in my house. I'm not gonna set any time frame as I know it'll be ridiculous. Let's read with a happy mind =D
My sister's story book

Everything & what not
Previously, my habit was to pick a few books, *wanting to read all of them* lay them on my bed and sleep beside the books *hoping I'll absorb the sentences while sleeping* duhh
Now, it's time to change, at least read a few pages and then sleep. *I hope the book won't read me*

My dad bought me 'Let's talk about Single Female' from Bandung. He was so excited giving me this book. However I don't understand what's written in the book as it's written in Indonesian.
Let's skip that book and start with 365 ways to Boost Your Brain Power...

We read to know that we are not alone..


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 Days Without My Phone

It's been 2 days already living without my smartphone. I guess my smartphone isn't smart enough to fix itself.

A long story made short; A friend drops my smartphone, the screen sort of cracked and developed black lines, which made the internal phone go high wire which then made it nonfunctional. The definition of nonfunctional is when it turns on and off itself, the screen doesn't function at all and most of the apps are missing.
You can see the screen yourself~
*so pathetic*

However, it turned out great as I don't have to; 
  • update my facebook status, 
  • stalk friend's facebook,
  • take lots of photos, 
  • read and update twitter, 
  • admire other people's photo on instagram, 
  • read blogs etc..

*owh how I miss doing all those things*

It seems like I really need to buy a new phone (unless someone would like to give me one as a gift)

I guess the toughest phone on earth would be NOKIA 3310...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note

Date:16th December 2011 is another date to be remembered.
Venue: IKEA
Time: 5.45pm- 7pm

That's the date I lost my smartphone. This was the most expensive phone I bought my whole life. I lost it after 35 days of excessive usage. Samsung Galaxy Note has already became one of my favorite gadget.

This was the first photo I took with the phone...

The next day~

The Story~

On Friday afternoon, I took time off so that I could go and buy things for Majlis Tahlil for my grandfather (Allahyarham Mohd Tohe). Excitedly, I took photos of the things I wanted to buy. Then at the storage area, just before the exit, I took my phone out to see the photo of the code that I took *that was the last time I held the phone. I remembered putting back the phone into my handbag. Then we went home...

After shower, going out of the bathroom while drying my hair, I got to my handbag and searched for my handphone. That's when I realized it wasn't there. I freaked a bit, then search vigorously back to back from the handbag, the plastic bags, the whole room and also in my car. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found. *so sad*

In a panic state, I dressed quickly, asked my sister to come along and drove very fast to IKEA. We went back to the places we stopped before but there were no sign of my phone. Even the guards couldn't help. I was so devastated.

These are a few of many photos I took from Samsung Notes~

I even compared my previous precious phones:

Moral of the story; don't get too excited with gadgets, in the end it won't last long with you...

I think it's time to buy Samsung SIII @ Samsung Notes 2...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Merdeka Raya at Chemerong, Berembun & Lansir Waterfalls *CBL*

I don't really like hiking due to leeches, however I love the nature and friends hiking together into the deep woods...

Venue: Mount Cemerong, Berembun & Lansir Waterfalls *CBL* (Hulu Terengganu)
Date: 31st August until 2nd September 2012
Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Organizer: ORA adventure

Mount Berembun, 1108m is located at Hulu Terengganu. The starting point is located at Hutan Lipur Chemerong. We arrived there from KL around 8am. We departed from Bandar Sri Permaisuri around midnight, did a few pick ups in KL and a few stops along the way. I slept mostly throughout the journey. Before hiking, everyone was given a small ration to carry.

After warm up and briefing from the organizer, we started hiking around 10am. We arrived at Kem Balak for lunch and Zuhur prayer, and continued hiking until Sungai Bangang. I was so sticky of sweat that I swim for a few minutes there. I felt fresh, cool and satisfied after a short swim. We continued hiking until we reached Lansir waterfall. That's where we spent the night. A we arrived around 6@7pm, I didn't really get to see the view yet.

The next morning after Subuh, me and a few friends decided take a few photos of the view. It was breathtaking. Instead of only a few photos, we took a lot of them with different pose. We went down the waterfall until half way to the bottom. We had fun =D

After the photo shoot, we laze a round a while then went up the waterfall for a swim. It was around 11am. We came back around 1pm. It was awesome. the water was super clear and super cold. I did a few laps to keep me warm. We had fun. After lunch we prepared foods for Merdeka Raya celebration. We cooked nasi impit, kuah kacang, lodeh, sate etc. Around 4pm we were ready in our baju raya for the celebration.We took a dozen of photos and ate again. It was delicious and happening. This was my first time celebrating raya on a mountain. An experience to cherish for life.     

After the photoshoot, we continued swimming at the bottom part of the waterfall. It was fun plus we took a lot of photos.

The next morning, we started hiking towards the summit of Mount Chemerong & Berembun. We continued hiking till we stop for lunch at Kem Balak. We cooked and ate maggi curry. We arrived at the starting point around 5-6pm. We showered and prayed at the facility. Around 8pm after Maghrib we started our journey home.

This was an amazing experience hiking and celebrating raya & merdeka on the mountains. I had a lot of fun despite the pains and obstacles. I made new great friends and took a lot of great photos.

Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Everything has a heart and the Heart of Quran is Surah Yasin

Surah Yasin

This surah is short where you can recite in less than half an hour. It's a great surah to recite everyday.

This is a website that I googled which describe the surah. It's very interesting.

A surah a day makes my day *great*....