Saturday, July 30, 2011

Places to stay~

At this moment, I have 3 house key sets to the room I rent. The keys belongs to the following apartment;
  1. Desa 288; I've been renting the room since November 2010. It means that I've only stayed there for  months. I love the place. The security system and environment is good. I stayed with my friend, Azie, and my other housemates; Dya, k.As, Pia, Erma.
  2. Orkid block 47 level 15. I'm staying there since my car is in the workshop. I've only stayed there for 4-5 days. It was a desperate room renting~
  3. Orkid block 47 at a higher level. So, I'm officially moving out from Desa 288 to Orkid. I did pack a few things and brought it home at FRIM (my family lives in Kepong). Actually, I packed most of the things I had in Desa 288. Packed and to be deliver~
Azie my beloved housemate, Fizah n I~

Friday, July 29, 2011

Empress Hotel Sepang

I stayed in Empress Hotel as I had a workshop there. The hotel is located in Sepang. It is very near to KLIA and LCCT. 

posing as if I'm the model for a calculator~ LOL
I'm not sure the rate of the rooms as it was free. It took me around 45 minutes from Ampang via Sg Besi, Bangi. But it took less than half an hour from the hotel to Ampang via Nilai and MRR2. 

Kelly and I
  • The hotel design and interior was average. 
  • The environment is ok.
  • The room was average~ 
  • The food was extra delicious. I love the food most especially the deserts~

I met my uni friends; Shairah, Shay & Kelly~
Watching tv while Blogging
Well, that's all I've got to blog~ More pictures in my fb account~



What does KKUPP stand for??? 

It is actually a short form for 'Kajian Kos Ubat Per Preskripsi'.  What's the purpose of this workshop? The end result is to know the total expenses of drugs in Malaysia for a prescription. There are more than 50 pharmacist attending this workshop.We actually learn and help to key in data from perspective clinic and hospital into excel format where it will be transferred into a SPSS format later on and will be interpreted as an overall drug expense. 

Last year, from the previous data, they concluded that the cost of meds for a prescription from Klinik Kesihatan is rm5; rm23 for a prescription from the hospital. The average cost of meds for a prescription in Malaysia is rm13.

Here are some pictures taken in my room~
View from my part of the bed...
For three days I attended the workshop at Empresss Hotel Sepang. The accommodation was average. The food was super delicious with a lot of choices. I love the deserts. It was a great experience to actually meet other pharmacist from different clinics and hospitals. I made new friends and met old friends during this workshop.

This is actually a photo aken from the internet. 
However in reality, the view is not as breathtaking as this photo.

This is a great gateway before Ramadhan~


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clinique Star Tour 2011

On the 22nd of July after settling my car at WH automobile my brother and I craved for Starbucks, so we headed our journey from Balakong to Pavilion KL. After buying 2 venti frappuchino, we headed back to Sentul. On our way to my brother's motorcycle, I was approached by a Clinique promoter. I took the pamphlet she gave me and walked ahead until I approached Clinique's venue. Without thinking, I approached the registration person and asked her questions. I ended up buying the voucher worth rm35.

I bought the voucher because it was so cheap. For rm35 I was entitled:

  1. Clinique 3-step Skin Analysis and Prepping *It turned out that I have a combination skin of dry and oily skin*
  2. Makeup by Clinique Makeup Experts *my makeup wasn't that thick. It was simple but nice*
  3. Hair styled by Miko Galere *of course la I didn't do; maybe scarf styled by Mariam Rushdan*
  4. Fashion photograph *It was just 3 snapshots. I did 3 awkward pose*
  5. Door Gift worth approximately rm130. *It was so worth it as I got the latest Cleo Magazine, 1 Clinique mascara, 3 Clinique face wash set and rm30 Miko Galere voucher*
Before the make-over
The make up was simple~
The photo is not clear as I'm using my hp camera


The lighting wasn't good, so I had to look up a bit~
I didn't do the makeover on the same date I bought the voucher. I did it on Sunday. Thanx to Azie who waited patiently while I did my makeup etc. K.long Joined us for Hanna that night. It was really a great day =D


The Accident That Happened on My Mother's Birthday; Part 3

So the story goes on and on and on~

Within 3 weeks after the accident and 1 week without my car, I made a few drastic decisions in my life. I use the word drastic so that my life seems so dramatic~ *actually it's just a decision I made on instinct and necessity*. These are the decisions made within these 2 weeks;

Right now I'm staying in Ampang Jaya with my great friends. From Ampang Jaya to Sentul, by car, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to work *depanding on the state of the traffic at the time*. It's a smooth ride every morning to work as I get to listen to FlyFM every morning *even though when the traffic disappoints me most of the time*. FlyFM Pagi Rock Crew makes my day. 

The FIRST DECISION was to still stay in Ampang and ride a motorcycle with my brother. He's giving me a ride to work last week from Monday to Friday. It was an awesome feeling when you have someone fetch you to work and home even though it was just a motorcycle ride. It was the best experience ever~ However it only lasted a week as he was reluctant to give me a ride in future as he will be having classes and it'll affect his schedule.

So, here comes the SECOND DECISION; buying another car. On Friday, I thought why not buy a second car, it'll be easier for me to go to work. I called my uncle and mum regarding this decision. I called my uncle as I was thinking of buying his CRV. He wanted to sell it a few months ago. My mum was alright with the decision, however I still need to ask my dad regarding the matter. After a few days of hard and critical thinking, this is actually a bad idea as my financial status is not good. Buying another car will only burden me financially and mentally. LOL

The THIRD DECISION is to buy a cheap secondhand motorcycle where I'll use it to Ampang station instead of taking a bus. I guess not as I don't have a license.

The FOURTH DECISION is to stay in Ampang and go to work with the LRT Ampang line. I was so enthusiastic going to work by public transport. However I didn't have the same feeling last Monday. I tried but failed. On Monday morning, I left for work at 7.05am. I walked 5 minutes from home to the bus stop. Waited like 10 minutes or so and paid rm2 for a 100 meter journey. I crossed the road for 5 minues or so as I used the cross over bridge and took the LRT. I arrived Sentul station around 7.55am and walked to my clinic. I was late to work as I punched in 8.05am~ 5 minutes late =(

FINALLY, I decided to move from Ampang to Sentul. It was an abrupt decision as it saves time and money. Furthermore, in Ramadhan I'll be working from 7.30am to 4.30am instead of 8.00am to 5.00pm as always. Currently I'm still looking for a room to rent. I hope by Monday I'll be able to move into a new place =D


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Etiqa Car Insurance

I don't really know how to start this blog~

Is it me@this insurance is just damn bad~

The first time I called after the accident, the person incharge wasn't serious hearing my problem. She answered me lamely as if it's non of her business. I was devastated. At that time, I thought, what the heck, I'm not gonna claim my insurance *so that I don't have to deal with such person*.

I remembered how fast their work and service was when they offered me Etiqa insurance and road tax service. They called me a few times confirming my needs. They were willing to do whatever necessary so that I'll buy their service including sending a dispatch to hand me my road tax and for me to pay their insurance policy. They were so competent that I was so impressed by their service.

However, when it comes to claiming an accident insurance, they act so damn irresponsible and so damn slow. I had to call everyday to ask the procedure of claiming. I had to ask so many times on what I need to do so that they tend my claim fast. They even said that it'll only take 2 weeks for the claim to settle. She said that the person incharge of the estimation will come between 1-3 days after the claim has been forwarded by the workshop. All those are bullshit. They're just taking their own sweet time to delay the claim and maybe decline the claim..

We'll see about that. We'll see if what they say is true.......

It is actually a lesson for me to actually choose a good and efficient insurance company so that in future if an accident happens, they'll respond appropriately.
Even the person incharge at the workshop said Etiqa is the hardest company to claim insurance. I learnt my lesson the hard way. I'll take note that next year I'll deal with MSIG insurance company instead....


The Accident That Happened on My Mother's Birthday; Part 2

After a week riding a wrecked car that looked normal I decided to send my car to a workshop.
I did have a few contacts;
  1. Sarjan Azmi who had a friend where they handle from A-Z.
  2. Mr Tan from the police station who was willing to help me.
  3. Mr Mechanic-who-works-at-a-workshop-Jalan-Tun-Razak-who-helped-me+dad-fix-my-car
However I still don't know where to send. I asked my friends, posted dilemma status on facebook, called a few people and eventually on 13th July 2011 (after 7 days of the accident) someone gave me a contact number of a person who can help me with the car. Actually on the 13th and 14th July I had a course in Putrajaya. After the first day of course I went to Alamanda to loiter and buy Kenny Rogers for my uncle when I went to a Toyota exhibition at the center court. I met En Ghazali. I asked him how much a bumper cost. He said around rm600. *ok, I was a bit shocked by the price* then I told him I was in an accident and I don't know where to send the car. He was so nice to hear me out and gave En Rizal's number. I called En Rizal and he said I can send my car to Toyota Service Centre and he'll tend my car.

On Friday 15th, I took evening time off and send my car to him. He estimated the price and said that my bumper needs changing. On Monday I sent my car to him with my copy of IC, insurance policy and car grants and he said it'll take 2 weeks to settle. I was a bit reluctant thinking I wouldn't have any transport for 2 weeks. I went home and on Wednesday Shuhaida called me telling me that my car arrived at WH workshop and wanted to acknowledge me. She told me to come to the workshop to sign some papers. She even told me it'll take 3 weeks to settle the claim etc. I was shocked hearing 3 weeks of no car!!! 2 weeks is long enough, and now hearing 3 weeks is a nightmare. I was so desperate that I asked her to estimate the price of repairing if I wanted to pay by cash *as I thought it'll be faster* she said around rm600 and it'll still take about 2 weeks to settle. Then I told her I wanted to take the car out and repair it somewhere else. She's ok with it and told me take my car whenever possible.

On 22nd of July I went to WH workshop and looked at the documents. I was surprised to see so many parts including screws etc that needs to be replaced. The price is way out of my league and I really need to claim it from Etiqa. Instead of taking my car out, I decided to repair my car there. I signed some claim forms and Shu told me it'll take more than 6 weeks including the claim procedure etc. At this point, I had no feeling of how long they wanted to take my car as long as it's fix.
Now that I don't have any transport, I rented a room at Menara Orkid. It is located next to my clinic so I just have to walk to work. However, I'm only renting until the end of this month. So next month I need to ride the LRT from Ampang to Sentul to go to work. It'll be fun riding public transport to work. I'll get to meet and watch all sorts of people along the way~

LRT route Map

I hope there won't be any problems along the way =D
Smooth ride everyone *smile*


Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Ambition~

Everyone has an ambition when they were young. Mostly the ambitions are related to what their parents are. Parents are the strongest role model for children.

When I was a young girl, at the age of 10 or so I wanted to be a teacher. The reason is because I love my class teacher- Ms Akhtar; she was a beautiful, cheerful, outgoing teacher who teach her students with passion. I really love the way she taught me and my classmates. Whenever we get correct answers, she'll stamp beautiful colorful shaped stamp on our workbook. If we collect 10 stamps or so, she'll give us beautiful colored cards or so that we were eager to get. Furthermore, maybe because I was a bright student, she gave me great attention in class.
When I was 12, during my UPSR year, I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to be a person who's able to treat and cure disease and make patient's life better. Furthermore, doctors are so rich. I had a neighbor who has a clinic and they had a really big house, beautiful cars and a happy life *I think*. The thought of being a doctor lasted till I finished my SPM.

After SPM, I had to fill in the UPU form. I have no clue of what course to further my study in the university. So my dad suggested to fill in all 8 blank columns with doctors.

AAANNNDDD guess what I got???

I was offered to further my study in pharmacy. I don't really know what pharmacy is at that time but I accepted it. It was fun. It was the right choice. I did 2 years of diploma, and 4 years of degree to become a pharmacist.

Pharmacist is a healthcare job that helps doctors and nurses in the ward and supply medicines to patients. It's a wonderful job with a wide perspective of job in our community. Being a pharmacist is the best job ever!!!!
Be happy with whoever you are~


The Accident That Happened on My Mother's Birthday

6th July 2011 is the date to be remembered for my Vios~

I was driving happily to work as usual (I've been driving back and forth from Ampang Jaya to Sentul for more than 8 months) until I arrived at the prolink of AKLEH and Jalan Tun Razak. After waiting for a few minutes or so I was in front of the exit just before the main road. I saw a lime green Avanza on my left side. The Avanza was moving maybe 5km/hour trying to get into the main road as well. After waiting for the car on my left pass into the main road, I drove 5-10km/hour into the main road. At the same time, I looked on my right side and saw the Avanza so close to my car. I hit the breaks immediately but the Avanza seems not to notice and just drove. As an impact, he bumped the right side of my front car and sort of pulled my bumper out. It was a loud collision as to say. At first, I thought it was just one of those accidents where nothing serious happens as no one died whatsoever.

Overall impact~

However, when I parked my car near the flat besides the main road, I was so shocked to see my car. It's still in one piece but the bumper was pulled out from the body. It was such a shocking scene. I didn't know that such little accident can cause such impact.

The front view

The Right side view~

Up close front view~

Up close right side view~

I called my dad and told him I was in an accident. *Actually 6th July is my mum's birthday; instead of calling and wishing her a birthday wish: I called my dad and told him that I was in an accident* While I was on the phone, the person who collided my car said to meet him at Kg Baru. But then, after a few minutes he told me that he needed to send his son to school. So I gave him the permission and told him to write his phone number. He scribbled his phone number in my note pad and left. I noted down his plate number once more. After an hour, my dad arrived and he told me to make a report at the police station.

To make the story short, my dad and a mechanic bonded my bumper to the body with a wire, I went to work for 3 hours and made a police report. It took 2 hours to make a report. Eventhough it took 2 hours, but it was a good service =D

Thank you Sarjan Zainuddin, Sarjan Azmi and the rest who helped me.

My day actually started very good, but along the way something bad happened and it ended great as I went home, gave my mother a birthday gift and wished her 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY IBU'


Monday, July 4, 2011

7 Sunnah Rasullullah s.a.w. yang Harus diJaga

"Cerdasnya orang yang beriman adalah, dia yang mampu mengolah hidupnya yang sesaat, yang sekejap untuk hidup yang panjang. Hidup bukan untuk hidup, tetapi hidup untuk Yang Maha Hidup. Hidup bukan untuk mati, tapi mati itulah untuk hidup.

Kita jangan takut mati, jangan mencari mati, jangan lupakan mati, tapi rindukan mati. Kerana, mati adalah pintu berjumpa dengan Allah SWT. Mati bukanlah cerita dalam akhir hidup, tapi mati adalah awal cerita sebenarnya, maka sambutlah kematian dengan penuh ketakwaan.

Hendaknya kita selalu menjaga tujuh sunnah Nabi setiap hari. Ketujuh sunnah Nabi SAW itu adalah:

Pertama: tahajjud, kerana kemuliaan seorang mukmin terletak pada tahajjudnya.

Kedua: membaca Al-Qur'an sebelum terbit matahari Alangkah baiknya sebelum mata melihat dunia, sebaiknya mata membaca Al-Qur'an terlebih dahulu dengan penuh pemahaman.

Ketiga: jangan tinggalkan masjid terutama di waktu shubuh. Sebelum melangkah kemana pun langkahkan kaki ke masjid, kerana masjid merupakan pusat keberkahan, bukan kerana panggilan muadzin tetapi panggilan Allah yang mencari orang beriman untuk memakmurkan masjid Allah.

Keempat: jaga solat dhuha, kerana kunci rezeki terletak pada solat dhuha.

Kelima: jaga sedekah setiap hari. Allah menyukai orang yang suka bersedekah, dan malaikat Allah selalu mendoakan kepada orang yang bersedekah setiap hari.

Keenam: jaga wudhu terus menerus kerana Allah menyayangi hamba yang berwudhu. Kata khalifah Ali bin Abu Thalib, "Orang yang selalu berwudhu senantiasa ia akan merasa selalu solat walau ia sedang tidak solat, dan dijaga oleh malaikat dengan dua doa, ampuni dosa dan sayangi dia ya Allah".

Ketujuh: amalkan istighfar setiap saat. Dengan istighfar masalah yang terjadi kerana dosa kita akan dijauhkan oleh Allah.

Zikir adalah bukti syukur kita kepada Allah. Bila kita kurang bersyukur, maka kita kurang berzikir pula, oleh kerana itu setiap waktu harus selalu ada penghayatan dalam melaksanakan ibadah ritual dan ibadah ajaran Islam lainnya. Zikir juga merupakan makanan rohani yang paling bergizi, dan dengan zikir berbagai kejahatan dapat ditangkal sehingga jauhlah umat manusia dari sifat-sifat yang berpangkal pada materialisme dan hedonisme.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm going into business y'all

Yes, this sounds a bit creepy~

I'm trying out a 2nd hand Item Facebook account that sells 2nd hand items at an affordable price. I have a lot of clothes that I sort of don't need. I don't want to throw them away. Instead I want to sell them to people who needs them at an affordable price. *I keep on mentioning affordable as I'm not gonna sell it expensively*

I was wondering myself, why not just sell it on The reason is that:
  • I'm not that desperate to sell what I wanted to sell.
  • It's something I wanted to do as a hobby~
  • A part time thingy~
  • Not so serious business person~
If you're interested to buy clothes which includes baju kurung, baju kebaya; shoes, shirts, scarfs, etc please visit 2nd Hand Items.
Here are some terms & Conditions prior buying the items:
  1. Items that are booked could only b kept for 2days only.
  2. Payment should be made within 2 days after booking is received and cancellation will be done without notice by the admin if payment is not made within the 2days after booking.
  3. Any cancellation by buyer will only receive 50% of the payments made
  4. Admin will cancel the booking of items if no payment is made within the period given.
  5. Please make the booking through message or post below the specific photo of the item.
  6. Sometimes the items in the photo are not the same as the items received as this maybe due to the pictures/lighting/camera factors.
  7. We will not be responsible if the items that are posted are defected during postage, wasn't received by payee, if it is due to wrong address given by the payee. It is your responsibility to give the correct address to the admin.
  8. Please read and understand the terms above for everyone's convenience.
  9. For serious buyers only.
  10. Postage is only on FRIDAY.
  11. Pos Laju: Peninsular of Malaysia: 1pcs=RM6 ** rm3 with additional items
  12. Sabah+Sarawak: 1pcs=RM8 ** rm5 with additional items
    Postage will usually take 2-3 working days depending on the area of postage.
    1. Payment can be made through CIMB or MAYBANK account.
    2. After payment, please fill in the order Form and inbox me.
    3. ORDER FORM:
    • Name:
    • Address:
    • Contact Number:
    • Item Code: