Saturday, November 7, 2009

What does my day of Birth says about me????


I did a quiz on fb (I'm totally addicted to fb nowadays... daymnnn) ; What does your day of birth says about you?

I was born on the 1st of February 1985. It was on Friday, the best day of the week. A good day in Islam...

The Result was:

  • Wise and humble. I'm the eldest in my family, so wise is a character that goes with responsibility I had to carry....

  • Inspiring character. I'm not really sure if I had inspired anyone. I am who I am. I love myself so much..

  • Creative bent of mind. I do have a creative mind. I like to think out of the box. We can follow the flow, but in a better way. ~wink~

  • Fun to be with. hmmmm.... If I'm in the mood, I'll be as cheery as a child with an ice cream in hand.

  • Loyal lover. I have never experience love. But I hope I'm a loyal lover...

  • Good looker and great dresser. I wear makeups and dress up to look good. I may not be beautiful, but I try to look good and dress well. This is the disadvantage of not being beautiful and cute.

  • Confident. Sometimes my confident just boost up and I'll be very confident. But in some condition, I'll be as timid as a mouse can be.

  • Center of attention in a crowd. Sometimes, without concius, I'll do something that can cause other people's attention. Sometimes I think that I have a disease known as ADHD... ~wink~

  • Love the finer things of life. Perfecto it is...hehe

  • Caring. I'm a caring person with a great personality. But sometimes I can be very harsh and mean if I don't like something. So please don't make me mad or disappointed..

Friday, November 6, 2009

Photos; I like!!!!!!

Taking photo is a favorite hobby of mine, especially photos of myself.... I don't know why, but I'm addicted to cameras. Most of the event I go to, I'd bring a camera with me to capture the moment.

Photos capture great memories that will last forever if we keep it properly.

Photos tell us different stories. It can be good or bad, happy or sad...

Photos refreshes our memory of the previous event that had happened.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Forensic Examination on the 9th of November 09

Let the countdown begin...

7 days (2nd Nov)

6 days (3rd Nov)

5 days (4th Nov)
4 days (5th Nov)

3 days (6th Nov)

2 days (7th Nov)

1 day (8th Nov)
to the examination day.... ~scary mode~

I've just started reading the book yesterday (I think I managed to read a page or so- the titles on page 2 I think) dayymmmm.....

Today I was in the mood to read a few more pages. My actual aim is to read 1 blue book. (I have to read two books- a blue and a red book). I hope I'll be able to finish the blue book by tonight. Gambatte ne.

How I read the book so far:
  • Reading it while facebooking and Blogging.....
  • Reading it while reading other peoples' blog....
  • Reading it while watching tv....
  • Reading it while hearing repeated songs (Meet me half way, Circus, Whatever U like, Paparazzi)
  • Reading it while chatting through ym....
  • Reading it while sleeping on the couch.... (this is the part where the book actually reads me)
  • Reading it while talking to my housemates....

This just shows what a multitask hardworking person I am. hahaha.. LOL

I really~really hope that I pass this forensic exam with flying colors.

I really~really need to concentrate reading and stop multitasking... ~sigh~